What is Crew Nite?

CREW NITE is a bi-weekly (every other Friday night) kids-focused night of fun for grades 1-9. At Crew Nite, your kids will come together, play games, eat dinner, and learn about the love of God.

Which Crew are you?

CREW NITE has 3 Crews that are based on age and gender. The Crews are designed to meet your child where they are and connect with them genuinely. In every Crew, there will be time for fun, learning about God's love, and building friendships.  The heart of CREW NITE is to help your children build strong Christlike character while teaching practical life skills.

GREEN CREW - Boys & Girls 1st - 5th Grade

The Green Crew is our elementary kids Crew. It consists of both boys and girls from grades 1-5. In this Crew, the students will focus on building Godly character, build friendships, and learn how to work as a team.

PURPLE CREW - Girls 6th - 9th Grade

Purple crew is for young ladies 6-9th grades. Crew Nite is a time to build friendships, develop new skills, create, have fun, and dive into the Bible and what faith in Jesus looks like in everyday life.

BLUE CREW - Boys 6th - 9th Grade

The Blue Crew is our Royal Rangers Crew. Boys 6th-9th Grade will love learning what it means to be a Christlike young man as they explore the outdoors and learn about Godly character.

How we are keeping your kids safe

At RC3, we take your child's health seriously! That is why we have taken steps to create a safe and healthy environment for your kids to thrive in. Below you will see 4 proactive steps that we have taken to ensure your kids are protected when enjoying the activities at Crew Nite.

Pre-Crew Nite Health Form

  • Every Parent/Guardian will need to attest weekly that their child has not knowingly contracted or been exposed to COVID-19 within the previous 2 weeks.
  • Any child that has  been exposed to or contracted the coronavirus within the previous 2 weeks will not be admitted into Crew Nite.


  • Both Volunteers and Kids will be required to use hand sanitizer upon entry into Crew Nite.
  • Prior to any snacks/dinner being given out, kids will need to wash their hands.

Face Masks

  • All kids and volunteers will be required to wear masks when indoors*
  • During dinner or snack time, masks will not be worn.
  • *When activities are taking place in the gym or outdoors, masks will not be required.

48 Hour Rule

If your child has:

  •     vomited
  •     had a fever
  •     had discolored nose discharge
  •     had any other cold or flu-like symptoms

 Within the past 48 hours, they will not be admitted into Crew Nite.