River City Kids

River City Kids is our birth-5th kids ministry. Within River City Kids are programs designed to help teach your children about the love of Christ.

Tiny Town

Sundays from 11 a.m. - 12

Tiny Town is a place where your child can come and experience Christ love. We know your baby is developing an understanding as to whether or not the world is a safe place. We will show them the love of Jesus in the safe and caring arms of our staff as they pray over your Child.

River City Kids

Sundays from 11 A.M. - 12 noon

Our kids are living in a world that is flooded with technology. Kid's brains have been wired to think completely different than the way their parents did. With this new iPod generation, teaching our children must be done in a way they will understand. Our Kindergartners - 5th graders are already so "connected" to their friends and any information they wish to have, yet, they are missing something that is vital to their growth--RELATIONSHIPS. River City Kids understands that our children are craving relationships with their peers and with mentors who will show them how to apply what they are learning from the Bible to their life. We take a Small Group, Large Group, Small Group approach. Your kids will connect with children their age and discover how God's word applies to them on an individualized basis. They will build a relationship with our small group leaders who are more concerned with building relationships, than "getting through" the material. Our Large group time is interactive, Multimedia based, and crazy FuN!! Yet, in the midst of all the excitement your kids will have an opportunity to connect with God in a deep way.