RC3's Response to the Corona-virus (Covid-19)

RC3 Covid-19 Update (3/19/20)

Brothers and Sisters,

I have been praying, thinking and working with Pastor Lauren to come up with these solutions for the next several weeks.

I believe God has positioned our church for this moment! This virus has not caught God by surprise, and it is no accident that He asked us to move to CityGroups recently. This will be perceived by many as a blow to the Church in Jacksonville, but I am telling you this is God’s moment. Let us rise and be the church. May we stand and meet this challenge head on.

Below outlined are the initial steps that we will take to comply with the COJs requirement of no more than 50 gathered in one place at one time.

Sunday Morning Worship *Available Online Only
  • We will not be meeting at the Firestone location, but rather we will gather online, at rivercity.cc or YouTube. You will now find on our website a Watch page. On that page, you will be able to watch the Sunday morning service live.
  • The Sunday Morning Worship time will be moved to 11AM instead of 10:30AM. This is to give everyone a little more time to get ready to worship together online.
Wednesday Come and Go Worship and Prayer *Available Online
  • We are devoting Wednesday nights to a come and go prayer and worship service.
  • This time will also be streamed on our website and YouTube.
  • This prayer and worship time will meet from 6-7PM.
  • We will be praying for peace, health, and unity during this time.
  • CityGroups will continue as scheduled but will meet at the church instead of at various locations.
  • Be sure to check the Church Center App for updated information on each group.
Food Giveaway
  • Food will be distributed in their cars in a Drive thru style food giveaway.
  • If you are able, please come help us hand out food to the community.
Merge and Kids Ministries
  • All regularly scheduled events are being postponed. More information to come.
Due to the fluidity of the situation, we are working to keep you as up to date as possible about the changes to the church during this time. We are also encouraging anyone that may be considered high risk to COVID-19 to please join us online only.
If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to me directly.

To God be the Glory
​Joe Bell, Lead Pastor
River City Community Church
6561 Firestone Rd | Jacksonville, FL | 32244
O 904-771-4757 | pastorjoe@rivercity.cc

A Letter from Pastor Joe

Brothers and Sisters,

The Coronavirus known as Covid-19 is now within our community. There are many questions that still need to be answered regarding this situation. I wanted to take a minute to brief you on what River City Community Church is doing during this time.
First, let me say this: Our God is still in control! So much of what I hear is panic and fear and worry. I am more convinced than ever that Our King still reigns. Our God is bigger than coronavirus!

We are called to be people of faith, not fear! Our God has this!
We are called to rest in the peace of Christ. Not bask in the turmoil of this world.
We however are called to be wise and take precautions.

So let me reassure you that RC3 is taking this situation seriously. Let me share with you some of the steps that we have prayerfully taken that will help you rest in the Sovereignty of God amid these difficult times.
  1. We are listening and learning from the state and federal health departments.
  2. We will be monitoring the local school systems.
  3. We are encouraging everyone to practice good hygiene and healthy habits in our congregation.
  4. We are working with Teen Challenge to enhance our cleaning procures to ensure that the building is disinfected weekly.
  5. We have recently ordered hand sanitizer stations. Those will be ready by the end of the month.
  6. We have also taken steps to order automatic soap and paper towel dispensers to install throughout the church to limit passing germs in these areas. They will be installed by the end of the month.
  7. Signs will be posted throughout the building encouraging proper hand washing.
You should also be aware that certain changes to a few ministries will be made.
  1. If you have a sick child, your child will be returned to you and will not be admitted into Merge, RC3 Kids, or Baby Block.
  2. We will also be making changes to the monthly food giveaway. Those changes will be made known in a meeting after church next week.
  3. We also ask that if you are experiencing cold or flu like symptoms, you remain home and watch live on Facebook. You will be able to watch the service as well as give your tithe and offering online.

Our heart in these actions is for the safety of our church and our neighborhood.
In closing, I remind you that God has called us to peace, not fear; wisdom, not folly; and hope, not despair. Over these next several weeks let us rise as the church and stand for Jesus!

We will continually update you as things change.
To God be the Glory
Pastor Joe Bell